On first coming to First Christian Church of NKC, it was bittersweet for me, ending with the sweet. The church I grew up in was closing. My mother had taken my brother, sister and me there since toddler age. It was in another part of the city and although there were churches right here in our community, driving to my home church seemed the natural thing to do. When the decision was made that University Heights Christian Church would indeed close the doors for our congregation, we all began to search for our new church homes.  A bit scattered, yet all of us determined to find where the right fit would be.

We visited churches trying to find that fit. Seemed odd to me, having never looked for a church before. First Christian Church of NKC was that “glass slipper” you might say. It just fit. It felt right. I would get to know this extended family whom I had never met before. I mean, we are all extended family, aren’t we? And so, this new piece of my walk was to be here. It was in 1991 that my husband and young sons came to this church. Two sons raised and baptized here in this loving, close Christian family.  Many wonderful past memories and many memories in the making.

There are many things about this church that I love. But one thing that I think that sets us apart, is that we have two very distinctly different styles of worship services with our pastor delivering the same message to both. There is the ability to attend the 8:30 service singing the traditional hymns, hearing the choir with organ and the bells. Then following the Sunday School hour the 11:00 service begins with the beat of the band and more contemporary style of praise and worship. AND we are all one big loving family! We come as we are, and we accept one another as we are.  I love that!!!  I know God loves that!

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In my personal journey with Jesus, I have learned that there is honestly a huge difference in knowing about Jesus and really knowing Him. I had taken a time away from attending church in my late teens and early 20’s. Oh the Lord was calling, but I wasn’t listening until one Sunday morning, I awoke and knew where I belonged. Back in church. The Holy Spirit waited patiently for me to call on him to guide me. God has been with me all along, I just didn’t acknowledge him as fully or faithfully as I do now or even as I will in the future. I could share different names and different times and different experiences that affected my personal growth, but that’s for another day. A day when maybe you and I can sit and chat and get to know one another more. I would love to hear about you!

What I will say is that I have grown more and more in loving my Savior and He has filled me with such joy. There is no doubt that

…the joy of the Lord is my strength.— Neh 8:10.

Amen and Hallelujah!